Frequently Asked Questions



What's the status of my order ?


From your personal account, you can check the status of you orders during the 6 different stages :

Awaiting files

According to your order, different files have to be submitted : graphic, audio, (…...), or any other technical note. The status « Awaiting files » indicates that one of those files is missing, and that you have to provide these files so we can start manufacturing. The customer service, if not already done, will contact you as quickly as possible.

File verification in progress

This status will appear, when one or multiple files that you have sent need to be checked by our technical department. This happens when you send artwork for example. This status will lead to the next following status : 

  • Awaiting files : the uploaded files have been checked and are not matching our requirements. They have to be modified, and match the requirements, described by the concerned technical department.
  • Pending validation for « final corrected proof » : the files have been sent and approved by us and are waiting final validation from the customer before being sent to print.

Sending artwork for approval

Files are being analyzed by our graphics department (DTP) and corrections are being made when possible. The status is activated if the files have been corrected by us (whenever possible). These validated files are available in a your personal space under «order details ». Files must be validated by you before being sent to production. In case the artwork you supplied is correctly supplied and does not need any modification, we do not send any file for approval and proceed to printing immediately. 

CAUTION : the final validation of your files is irreversible. Once validated, no other correction can be made. Take all the time you need to check your files before validation.

On going production

Please note that once this status is activated, your order is complete, validated, and scheduled for production, and can no longer be canceled or changed.

Once the status is activated your production time has begun.

CAUTION : Once your order is put into production, it is impossible to cancel it.


On the day of your order is sent, the status changes to « SHIPPING ». This status remains until your order is delivered. Once your order is shipped, you will receive a shipping notification email with a tracking number and the name of the carrier in charge.

Please click here for delivery information.

Order delivered or canceled

This definitive status appears when the order is delivered or canceled. In each and every case, you have reached the last stage.