How to send us the audio master ?


We accept different formats for your audio masters : (Audio CD, CD Extra, CD-R) or dematerialized support (Disk images DDPI, NRG). Remember to double check our audio requirements before you submit your master by any means whatsoever. We will be obliged to refuse any masters that wouldn't fit these requirements.


CD masters should be sent to the following address, with your legible order number : 

  • 100 VINYL
  • Mastering Service
  • 171 Quai de Valmy
  • 75010 Paris


for audio files (only vinyl) and disk images (DDPI, NRG) you can use our uploading tool accessible from your personal space :

  • Select the relevant order
  • Search your hard drive for the relevant file
  • Click on « upload the files » and wait till the upload progress bar is complete

CAUTION : Audio files can be rather big and it can take longer to upload. If your Internet connexion is unreliable or if the upstream is poor, we suggest you send your master by mail.