What about mechanical rights authorization ?

If you are or if you’re not registered as artist at an author company,

we absolutely need a copie of the authorization to press your record.

Please contact directly your local representative for mechanical rights : 

  1. Belgium SABAM
  2. Brazil SBACEM
  3. Canada SODRAC
  4. Czech Republic OSA
  5. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania and Estonia NCB
  6. France SDRM
  7. Germany GEMA
  8. Greece AEPI
  9. Italy, The Vatican, San Marino SIAE
  10. Japan JASRAC
  11. Mexico SACM
  12. Netherlands STEMRA
  13. Poland ZAIKS
  14. Portugal Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores (SPA)
  15. Spain SGAE
  16. Switzerland, Liechtenstein SUISA
  17. United Kingdom MCPS
  18. United States of America HFA